Nokia E70 - firmware update

I bought my Nokia E70 in September and have since had to learn avoiding the bug's of it's 1.0 firmware

  • Symbian S60 3:rd Edition have a nice way of organizing all the features. But E70 have been slow to an uncomfortable extent when using the menus, and awfully slow (5-10 sec) when flipping up the keyboard which triggers the swich from portrait to landscape screen mode.

Public release of Movino


An initial public release of The Movino project is now available at
Great work Martin and Johannes!

Still missing is the web component, for which I had the main repsonsibility. I plan on polishing it a bit more before it's initial release.


September 2006 - March 2007

Movino allows you to use your camera phone in a new fashion. You can capture live video and send it over whatever uplink you have available (Bluetooth, GPRS, 3G or WLAN) with the final destination being either an embedded player on your website or a Skype-compatible video Quicktime component for your Mac. Movino was developed as part of a project course at Ã…bo Akademi University, autumn 2006 - spring 2007.

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