graphical design has a new look


Tonight I got something done that has been on my mind for half a year now; to freshen up the look of Decided to go with the dark tone we used for the poster back when we worked with Movino as a University course project...

This is a step towards making it easier to grasp what Movino is and what it's not. Left to be done is to rework some of the texts and add illustrations.


September 2006 - March 2007

Movino allows you to use your camera phone in a new fashion. You can capture live video and send it over whatever uplink you have available (Bluetooth, GPRS, 3G or WLAN) with the final destination being either an embedded player on your website or a Skype-compatible video Quicktime component for your Mac. Movino was developed as part of a project course at Ã…bo Akademi University, autumn 2006 - spring 2007.


November 2006

FiSScNät is a social networking site for swedish speaking scouts in Finland, where people can collaborate and exchange ideas and information. Features include blogs, forums, event calendar, contact information derived from the external member database, and pdf-archive of publications including the member magazine issued every second month. Soon-to-be introduced features are Google Maps integration for all sorts of geographic locations, as well as ability to read email lists through the website.

August 2006

A social networking site for scouts on Ã…land. I redesigned it completly in August 2006, leaving my custom built PHP-based platform in favour of the Drupal CMS. Furthermore the site got a new, nicer domain name and was renamed accordingly to

Ax is the TLD of Ã…land.

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