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GigaOm Bambuser interview


GigaOm / NewTeeVee apparently managed to get ahold of Jonas and Hans for a quick video interview on their US trip last week.

They also did a writeup on Live Response a few days back.

Flash Player tightens the security model for client-server communication

In the most recent version of Flash ( released in mid April, Adobe has changed the rules on how .SWF files are allowed to talk back to the server. The main motivation appears to be the old model did not give the host enough control over the abilities an .SWF aplication. The new model allows for tighter security and the improved security is there by default.

Side-effects being that if you used to rely on:
- doing HTTP requests (with loadVars for example).
- having .SWF-files load other .SWF-files.
- loading data using for example XML-files or AMF-PHP or SWX.

What's Next om Bambuser

Tomas Wennström intervjuar Måns om Bambuser i senaste What's Next - en cool svensk podcast om nättrender och ny media. Bra summering av vår historia och koncept på 14 minuter!

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